6 Jun 2015

Out with the old, in with the new

My new washer and dryer

It's been almost 2 months now since my washing machine finished its useful life.  I had to educate myself on the new technology for washers and dryers because it has changed so much since I bought mine almost 30 years ago.

My old washer was a sud-saver, which meant the water could be reused.  You wash the least dirty/whites first then the water gets sucked back in the machine to use for the next load.  I saved a lot of water over the years, but that is a thing of the past.  My new washer uses 70% less water per load.  It will be interesting to see the affect it has on my water bill.  I have more freedom now that I don't have to plan my loads in order to use the sud-saver.  If I just want to do one load I can.  I also think the wash comes out cleaner.
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out with the old
I chose a Samsung laundry pair and I love them.  I was surprised at how quiet and how musical they are.  They play tunes when the cycle is starting and finishing.  In London, Ontario, our hydro rates change depending on the time of day which is referred to as "time of use."  The washer has a delay end cycle that allows you to program when the cycle finishes. I have taken advantage of the low rate during the week by programming a load to finish before the end of the lowest rate.  When I get up in the morning, I throw it in the dryer for a few minutes then hang it up to dry.  I also use the delay end when I have a load that takes a lot longer to wash, like towels and blankets.  Instead of taking half the morning to get the load washed, I can program it to be done when I get up.  The downside to using delay end is that the machine panel is lit all night long, using power, but I think the benefits of using hydro when it costs less and time management out way the extra bit of power used.

Samsung, front load washer, steam dryer, tj's green adventure
in with the new
I am very pleased with my new washer and dryer and I actually look forward to doing the wash.  Technology has come a long way in improving energy efficiency since I bought my first washer and dryer.  Now that I have an updated laundry pair I am dreaming about updating the laundry room.  The wall behind the machines was not insulated before it was drywalled and my hookups are for dryer on the left and washer on the right.  The way the doors open on the new set, the dryer needs to be on the right.  This mini reno dream would include insulating the wall and reversing the hookups as well as a counter that can be used for folding.

Green Highlights:
  • use less water
  • use less hydro
  • can take advantage of time of use

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