18 Jun 2015

Reusable containers

Often, products we buy come in pretty or practical containers.  With a little thought, once the product is used up, these containers can be given another purpose.  This will save money by not having to buy a new container and it reduces waste.
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reusable containers
  The green container was for body butter.  Now it is in the office and holds paper clips.  If you want, you can cover the words around the lid with washi tape for a fun look.  Check out your local craft store, like Michaels, for washi tape.  There was a big sticker label on the lid, but it peeled off perfectly without using water or anything.

The container with the pink lid had cake sprinkles in it.  Now it is used for beads.  The sticker label on the front of this container did not come off so well.  I used a drop of Goo Gone to get off the sticky residue.

These containers could have been recycled in the blue box, but why throw them out when they can be used for something else?

Green Highlights:
  • reusing containers
  • reducing waste
  • saving money
What containers have you re-purposed once the product was used up?

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