13 Jun 2015

Free water, free grass

Now that the warmer weather is here, the dehumidifier runs in the basement every day to keep away the dampness and keep it from smelling musty.  Why waste that water by pouring it down the drain?  I pour it on the lawn.
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free water

There is a strip of grass between my driveway and the driveway beside my house.  The end by the curb goes brown and dies very easily.  A few years ago, I edged the lawn and used the grass that was cut away to fill bare spots in my lawn, including that spot.  It has come back nicely, but still goes brown if I don't keep on top of it.  So, every couple of days I water it with the water from the dehumidifier.  The grass doesn't die off and the water is free.  I'm not the only one that uses the dehumidifier water for watering outside.  I saw a neighbour doing the same thing.  She was pouring water out of the dehumidifier bucket and watering a young tree.
sod, lawn, gardening, tj's green adventure
free grass - this spot used to be dirt
I often transplant grass that has grown where I don't want it.  There was a large patch on my front lawn that had a lot of bare spots.  I kept adding grass that I had trimmed from other areas of the yard and it has filled in and looks great - no more dirt patches.

Green Highlights:
  • reducing water consumption
  • reducing yard waste 
Do you use your dehumidifier water on your lawn?


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