Hi, I'm Toni, a mother of three living in London, Ontario.  We also have an adorable dog, Bentley, that we adopted when he was 1 year old.  It didn't take long to realize that Bentley has room for improvement when it comes to green living.
Puggle, TJ's green adventure
Life took an unexpected turn for me a couple years ago and I found myself enrolled in college the same year my daughter started university.  One of the courses I took was called The Greening of Business.  While I was there, I became more focused on being green and I discovered that I like to write.  That one surprised me because I am a numbers person (I love spreadsheets).  Since graduating I have missed the opportunity to write, so here I am able to do just that while discussing one of my favourite topics.

I am always interested in coming up with new ways to be environmentally friendly and I will share my efforts with you.  Maybe you will pick up an idea or two or be inspired to go on your own green adventure.

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