26 May 2015

Space mission continued

Well, it's been just over a month now since TJ's Series of Unfortunate Events began.  We have started putting the house back in order, but that is going to take some time.  My daughter has committed to helping me with the purge until she heads back to university in September, but the job looks huge at the moment.  I know that bit by bit we will get there and our Space Mission has been kicked into full gear now that we had to empty the office which is our main focus for purging.

clutter, purging stuff, TJ's green adventure
office before
All the stuff from the office is in the living room because we had to get it out of the basement so the carpets could be steam cleaned after our water heater let go.  Instead of returning the boxes of stuff back to the office, we are going through them all first.  Some boxes have been emptied already, so we will use them to sort the other boxes while they are still in the living room.  We will have a keep box and a donate box that we will put each item in.  The keep box will go down to the office and the items will be put away right then.  The donate box will be labeled with who it will be donated to and be ready to go.  We've changed the layout of the office and I like it much better now. 
getting organized, furniture layout, TJ's green adventure
office now
Meanwhile, I am still working at getting life back to normal and I'm looking forward to being able to post regularly.

Green Highlights:
What do you do with the things you no longer want or need?


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