15 Feb 2015

Valentine chocolate boxes

Chocolate comes in some pretty boxes for Valentine's day.  Some are just too pretty to throw away so here are some ideas of what to do with them.

One year I happened to be in the grocery store after Valentines Day and saw Ferrero Rocher Valentine chocolates marked down.  Since I enjoy having one chocolate a day, it's nice to get them for a good price and I wasn't going to turn this down.  I bought a few for only $1.94.  That was a great deal and the bonus was that I could reuse the box to keep my jewelry in.  The divided sections work well for necklaces, rings and earrings keeping them neat and organized and the packaging doesn't end up in a land fill.

Ferrero Rocher, jewelry storage, reuse packaging, tj's green adventure
 Since my favourite colour is red, I had to come up with a use for this red velvet chocolate box.  I keep this one in a buffet drawer in the dining room to store a set of china napkin holders.
heart shaped chocolate box, Valentines, tj's green adventure
This box is also kept in the buffet drawer with some other napkin holders I have.  Again, I wanted to keep this gold box with the pretty red flower decorations.  This one could also be used as a gift box and the red would be nice for a Christmas gift.
pretty chocolate box, reuse, tj's green adventure
 If you don't have a use for your fancy chocolate boxes, you could always donate them to your favourite charity store that sells used items.
What to you do with your empty Valentine chocolate boxes?


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