7 Feb 2015

Leftover fried food

Eating out often results in too much food and of course, leftovers.  My daughter went out for dinner to Red Lobster and the portion was so big, she couldn't eat it all, so she brought it home for me.  Not everyone enjoys eating leftovers, but I do.  And why throw out perfectly good food?  Now, how do you reheat fried leftovers?  Using a microwave doesn't work well because the food loses its crispness and tends to be a bit soggy.  Here is my solution and you can even use a toaster oven which uses less electricity!

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 Reheating Fried Food
Set oven at 325 F - use a toaster oven for small quantities
Spread leftover french fries, battered seafood, Kentucky Fried Chicken, etc on a cookie sheet
Cook for 10 minutes
Remove from oven and turn/stir fries and smaller pieces of food
Cook for another 10 minutes
Remove from oven and enjoy
Do you save your leftovers to eat up later?

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