18 Aug 2015

Think before you print

How often do we print out of habit or because we just don't think about it?  It's so easy to hit a button and out comes a printed sheet of paper.  If you really do need to print a hard copy of something, consider printing double-sided if there is more than one page.  In an office setting, often documents are printed for a paper trail (think accounting).  Since these are rarely looked at again, they can be printed double-sided.  Not only will it save paper, but also filing cabinet and storage space.  I also find it easier to handle double sided copies than single sheets and staples make files bulky and awkward. An even better solution is to not print it at all. Can it be saved as a PDF and not use any paper or ink?

I see so much unnecessary paper that it would be nice if we made more of an effort to think of these 3 thing before we print:
  1. do we really need a paper copy?
  2. can we print double-sided or duplex?
  3. can we save it as a PDF or other computer file?
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Green Highlights:
  • reduce paper usage
  • reduce ink/toner usage
  • save money by using less paper and ink/toner 
Do you print double-sided whenever possible?


  1. Sometimes if I need to print something I'll do it on "fast mode" so that it uses less ink!
    It's not the best quality, but it saves toner!
    from Marlee and You

    1. Printing on fast mode is a good habit to get into, too!