4 Aug 2015

The microwave died

Well, it didn't exactly die, but it now makes a strange noise.  The manufacturing date of our microwave is May 1990 and since it is over 25 years old, I think it is time to let it go.   
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Now to dispose of it responsibly.  I checked the "my waste tool" on the city of London's website to see how.  Since my microwave is metal, I will take it to the EnviroDepot or see if a friend wants to take it to the scrap yard and get a bit of cash for it.  I am going to donate the roller ring.  Someone may have broken theirs and would like a replacement.  I could also donate the glass plate, but I am going to reuse it and put it under a plant/plants.  Some of those large pots for plants have a drainage hole in the bottom and the glass plate will be perfect for protecting the surface underneath.

I certainly got my money's worth out of this microwave oven.  I heard one person say they have to replace their microwave every few years.  If they replaced it every 5 years, they would have gone through 5 microwaves in the lifespan of mine.  There are benefits to buying good quality; it saves money in the long run and it reduces waste generated.

Green Highlights:
  • recycling old microwaves properly
  • donating parts that are still usable
  • re-purposing the glass plate
How long have you had your microwave oven?

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