30 Apr 2015

TJ's "Series of unfortunte events"

I've have my hands full the last couple of weeks.  Two Saturdays ago, the washing machine was making a strange noise and when I went down to check on it, the laundry room was full of smoke.  Time to buy a new washer.  I spent the next week researching laundry pairs and updating myself on the new technology.

Last Friday night, just as we were getting ready to go to bed, the water heater gave way and the basement was flooded.  We were up until 2 in the morning cleaning up and Saturday was spent doing damage control.  Sunday, Bentley tried to escape out the front door.  As he flew past me, I lost my balance and hit the large window beside the front door.  Of course, it shattered.

My original plan for the weekend was to go to my Mom's Saturday morning to do the wash, then head out and buy a new washer and dryer.  That plan had to be revised and plan B was to finish the wash on Sunday and go buy a washer and dryer.  That didn't happen either.  I like Sundays to be a day of rest, but there are times when you have to bend a little.

I still haven't been able to go shopping because there have been tradesmen here after work every day to take care of the stuff that needs to be done.   That included the phone guy because our phone went dead and a chimney guy because our chimney was no longer up to code. My whole house has been turned upside down and I have to get out to buy the washer and dryer.

Once things have settled down around here, I'll be back to regular posting and I'll fill you in with the details.  So, stay tuned for the green side of these adventures...


  1. I hope things improve soon! I'm glad everyone stayed safe through all this!
    from Marlee and You

    1. Thanks. Everyone is safe and now we are working at getting back to normal :)