13 Apr 2015

Ontario cap and trade

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne was to sign an agreement today joining Quebec in a cap and trade system to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Check out what CBC News has to say in this article Ontario To Sign Cap And Trade Agreement With Quebec To Cut Carbon Emissions.

It is everyone's responsibility to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, whether you are a big corporate industry or one individual.  Something as simple as not idling your vehicle will reduce carbon emissions.  Putting a system in place that will require companies to reduce their carbon footprint is a must.  I'm just not convinced that a cap and trade system is the best way to accomplish this.

It doesn't make sense to me for one company to reduce their emissions then turn around and sell their credits to another company that hasn't reduced theirs.  Does it make sense to sell credits to California?  Don't they have a smog problem there?  How is this going to improve their air quality?  All companies should be required to reduce their emissions with all emission levels declining.  Having a cap on the amount of pollution allowed in each sector of the economy is a good idea.  Some industries will need to be much more creative and really work at thinking outside the box to make it happen, but it is not impossible. 

Something needs to be done.  There needs to be controls and regulations.  I'm just not convinced that cap and trade is the way to go. 

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Do you think cap and trade will reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

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