5 Mar 2015

The Project - Part 1 - The Purge

Dealing with the stuff in the room

The first thing we tackled was the stuff sitting in the family room.  Surprisingly, a lot of the stuff collected in this room was already set aside to be donated, but it was never followed through.  So, we sorted what we will donate and set prices on what we plan to sell on Kijiji.  We labeled boxes and bags with the name of the organization we will be giving the donations to, so they will be ready to go.
We will also be getting rid of some furniture.  There is a TV cabinet that we have posted on Kijiji and we will be selling the sofa and matching chair.  Before the sofa and chair are posted for sale though, we need to remove any items that have fallen down inside them.  I should have started with the sofa because now that the chair has been cleaned out, the sofa seems like a much bigger job.  I felt like I was a magician pulling things out of a magic hat cleaning out the chair.  I found toys the size of my hand, play jewelry, barrettes and even the key to the freezer.  That key has been missing for years.  Why didn't I think of looking in the chair for it??
We will also go through all our movies and games that were stored in the TV cabinet to decide what we will keep and find new homes for the ones we will get rid of.
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the dark family room - the flash makes the room look bright when it is not

Green Highlights:
  • reuse by donating
  • reuse by selling on Kijiji
Do you use Kijiji or Craig's List or is there another site you like to use to sell stuff?


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