9 Sep 2015

Corn on the cob

It's always a treat when the time of year comes around for fresh corn on the cob.  I cook it on the stove by putting the shucked cobs in a pot of boiling water and boiling them for 7 minutes.  The husks get taken out to the composter.  Once the cobs are removed from the boiling water, I carefully take the pot outside and pour the water on weeds that grow in my driveway between the asphalt and sidewalk or between the patio stones to get rid of them.  It works great on dandelions that grow in cracks where you can't dig them out.  You might have to do it a couple times before they die.  I have also used it on ant hills.  I do the same thing with the water I boiled eggs in.  This is an environmentally safe way to get rid of weeds and insects by using something that would otherwise have been poured down the drain.
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Green Highlights:
  • killing weeds and bugs without using chemicals
  • finding another use for boiling water instead of pouring it down the drain
  • composting produce waste
Do you have an environmentally safe way to get rid of weeds?

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