11 Jul 2015

Red solo cup

This is the time for year for picnics, barbeques and backyard get togethers.  Along with that comes the red solo cup and other disposable cups.  Reusable cups and mugs are a better choice, but if you are going to use disposable cups, shop wisely and choose ones that are recyclable.  Recycling in my home town of London, Ontario has expanded to include plastic cups and paper coffee cups and lids.  The coffee cup and lid just need to be separated before putting both in the blue box.
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recyclable plastic cups
So often when I am at a social function where disposable cups are used, most of them end up in the garbage.  Check to see what is recyclable in your area and purchase cups that can be recycled.  Have your blue box handy and let your guests know that they go in the blue box.  We need to change our way of thinking and think of these as recyclable cups and not disposable cups.

Green Highlights:
  • recycling disposable cups
  • reducing waste going to landfills
Are plastic cups recyclable in your area?


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